Caveman Skullies was originated by a husband and wife duo who love to ride motorcycles and are avid outdoors-men. Co-founder Nick Loomis is a retired disabled veteran who gave his wife the idea one day while riding on their motorcycle for a functional beanie that they could safely wear their riding glasses with. Our product started off as a means for Nick to be able to protect his ears and still comfortably and safely wear sunglasses or clears while riding. His wife and co-founder Abrianna Loomis altered numerous of the couple’s beanies before finally finding the perfect cut!
Caveman Skullies comes in honor of Nick’s dad who passed away unexpectedly. An avid rider himself Nick and Abrianna wanted to honor his memory with his nickname “Caveman”. Caveman Skullies are not only functional for motorcycle riders, but we also offer designs that would appeal to the outdoors-men.
As a veteran, American made products are a top priority of Caveman Skullies. 
All beanies are manufactured in the USA and all design work is done locally in their hometown of Racine, WI.