22 states in 22 days

Co-owner Nick was severely injured while deployed in 2005 when he was hit by an 80mm mortar after a mission. His left side took on most of the blast causing him to suffer from paralysis in his left leg, a perforated left ear drum, and hip dysplasia to name a few.  His physical injuries are not the only ailments he suffers from, perhaps some of his greatest ones are the ones that cannot be seen. He also suffers from PTSD and depression, these are the ones that are invisible to those around, like many other combat vets. Learning to ride again and starting CM Skullies has brought Nick from a pin hole of light in life to stepping out into a feeling of purpose and meaning again. That is why we have partnered with 22Kill for a 22 state tour in 22 days. During this tour we will be making stops along the way to collect donations in efforts to reach our goal of $22,000. In 2012 VA released data that showed an average of 22 vets take their own lives each day. We hope to help bring an end to this epidemic by spreading awareness and raising money for 22Kill so they can continue the fight with their awesome programs, including our favorite wind therapy! He will be riding his 2016 street glide the whole way and sleeping in the back of our truck to put an emphasis on the true struggle of our nation's vets. We want to spread the message that like Nick, they are #NotAlone and we will fight for them as well! Please take time to share our gofundme page and donate if you can. Every donation goes to 22Kill 100%.





Patriotic design- ***UPDATE Launching 1/31/18!! ***

CM Skullies will be launching a new Patriotic design. This design will be limited to white and royal blue. Portion of the proceeds will go to a veteran suicide prevention charity. 22 of our nation's veteran commit suicide everyday. Another cause we hold near and dear here at CM Skullies we want to do our part to help fund the fight. Please stay tuned for our official launch date and gear up. Thank you for your support!

Patriotic preview.jpg

New designs coming

We are currently working on some new designs, but would like to introduce one now. Ten years ago Abrianna's Oma was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She has been resilient for the last decade! Nick and Abrianna would like to honor her and introduce their upcoming breast cancer line. 100% of the profits from 100% of sales made on this line will be donated to the Susan G. Komen fund in her name. We love you Oma!

** Launching 10/27/17**